Men’s Care

The Future of Men’s Grooming

  MEN'S GROOMING BY THE NUMBERS In 2016 US men’s grooming grew 5% to reach sales of $8.9 billion Men's skin care posted the highest growth (10%, $312 million), driven by brands diversifying beyond men's shaving Men's hair care also had a strong performance in 2016 (8% growth, $1.0 billion), driven by strong demand for [...]

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The Sustainability Product Story Consumers Want

Consumers look for products with a sustainability story. The more a product can relate to consumers' lifestyles, the better. We want to feel a connection between ourselves and the companies & brands we choose to bring into our lives. We all know corporations have to first satisfy their true customer – investors. Thankfully, major corporations are [...]

Hair Styling Taking Over 2017

Pump Up the Volume Ultra-voluminous hair and endless curls and waves are envy-inducing hair trends moving from 2016 to 2017 as modern twists on traditional styles. 54% of US consumers use styling products(1) A sweep to one side, and a pile of perfectly layered spirals will raise the volume over the months to come, while a [...]

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Do You Dry Shampoo?

Do You Dry Shampoo? Dry Shampoos continue to crash the daily shampoo-and-repeat party. According to Mintel, regular shampoo usage has seen a slight decline, as 85% (2016) of those polled indicated they wash their hair less, compared to 89% just a year earlier (2015).  In addition to just washing their hair less frequently, consumers are [...]

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Opportunity in the Beauty-Healthcare Cross-Category

The separation between cosmetic, skin and hair categories is dissipating as health and preventative measures are becoming top of mind for consumers.  Daily protection from pollution, cosmetic touches in treatment products to heal skin ailments and provide complete abrasion coverage are some examples of preventive measures consumers look for. Some applications that address these claims include general purpose body [...]