Social media and the color cosmetics industry are telling a story, one of fairy tale makeup for the adult market. Consumers never grow old of wanting to adapt fantasy-inspired looks with magical shimmery and glitter, or simply adding a touch of eye gloss and captivating peachy-pink lipstick to an everyday look!


Dreams Come True

BASF offers a broad range of effect pigments and specialty minerals including a variety of white pigments, colors and iridescent pearls, plus natural looking, vibrant, shiny, and metallic shades for nail, eye, lip and face color cosmetic formulations.

Flamenco® Series – Pearlescent and Iridescent Pigments

BASF’s new Flamenco Silk Pigments,  create subtle, luminous effects. These chic, highly chromatic pigments are delicately soft and silky; perfect for today’s illuminating, sophisticated styles. The Flamenco product line of pearlescent and iridescent effect pigments are used to create lustrous or opalescent effects. They are available in a wide range of iridescent colors, as well as white, and in a variety of grades providing many degrees of luster and differing effects.


Chione® Series – For the “Camera-Ready Look”

Chione pigments provide a bright clean color to illuminate the skin and help create a flawless, even-toned appearance that is sought out for the “camera-ready look”. This line provides excellent coverage and adhesion.


Cloisonne® Series – Metallic Look Effect Pigments

Cloisonné effect enhancing pigments impart dramatic color and varied pearlescent effects. They are available in a variety of grades that provide different degrees of luster, ranging from a soft, satiny look to high sparkle. To provide such highly intense color, each Cloisonné pigment contains an absorption colorant deposited on either a mica substrate or an interference pearl base. In grades that use an interference base, the colorant is selected to reinforce the reflection color of the interference pigment. The result is a single dramatic reflection/transmission color.


Gemtone® Series – Color Pigments

Gemtone Colors offer a wide range of jewel-like, lustrous colors for distinctive cosmetics and personal care products. Like certain precious gems, these rich colorants derive color from both light interference and light absorption. Gemtone Colors contain titanium dioxide coated mica that is further combined with absorption pigments, which produce colors of unique liveliness and intensity.


Reflecks™ MultiDimensions – Color Changing Pigments

Give color cosmetics vibrant life by changing their color as the visual angle of the viewer or the wearer shifts. They add a dramatic sparkle and visual dimensionality, making them ideal for eye-catching transparent formulations such as gels, clear sticks and nail enamels.


Chroma-Lite® Series – For Luster and Transparency

Chroma-Lite Colors contain bismuth oxychloride crystals deposited on mica platelets. These high-value composite pigments combine the performance benefits of both materials to give better transparency and less density than bismuth oxychloride alone. The mica substrate improves crystal strength, so less Pearlescence is lost as cosmetic products are processed. They offer an excellent balance of luster, transparency and color while imparting a silky feel and improving skin adhesion. They are ideal for mineral makeup.


Timica® Series – Luster Pigments

Timica luster pigments impart shimmering effects, both as white pigments in a variety of lusters and as color pigments in a range of “metallic” and earth tones. They are free flowing powders that can be used alone or blended with other effect enhancing pigments  to improve visual impact.


Cellini® Series
Link clean, intense, FDA-approved organic colors with iridescent effect pigments. Celini colors offer a luminescent look that adds bright colors and dimensionality. The pre dispersed organic pigment can help you avoid the task of grinding, deagglomerating and dispersing stand-alone organic colorants.


Image sources: Instagram, Pinterest – Linda Hallberg, Makeup Artist