Agrana is a major European manufacturer of custom starch products, with a leading position in modified starches derived from rice and maize for the Personal Care market. Agrana delivers proven sensorial and texture solutions, as well as a unique starch portfolio for colored dry shampoos and root concealers.

Agrana Products

BASF offers a broad portfolio of innovative products for hair, oral, skin, sun care, and color cosmetics. Their portfolio spans high quality Active Ingredients, Polymers, UV Filters and Surfactants.

BASF Products

Bio-Botanica® is a family-owned and operated company with over 44 years of experience in the manufacturing of botanicals for the personal care/cosmetic, food and beverage, flavor /fragrance and nutraceutical industries. The 160,000 + sf vertically integrated manufacturing and distribution facility is Certified GMP Compliant and Kosher Certified. BioBotanica differentiates itself by its proprietary Bio-Chelated® extraction method which produces a Holistically Balanced™ standardized extract.

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BioBotanica Products

BRB Silicones is a producer of specialty silicones like emulsions, antifoams, water repellants, elastomers, lubricants, silanes, resins, silicone polyethers, dimethicone & cyclomethicone blends, cross polymers and many more customized products.

BRB Silicones

Chattem Chemicals, Inc. manufactures a variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and performance chemicals used in consumer and industrial markets.

Chattem Products

Calumet Penreco, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P., and a fully integrated, independent producer of high-quality, specialty hydrocarbon products in North America. The company owns and operates six specialty plants in the US. Penreco manufacturers a product line of patented gelled hydrocarbons (Versagel®), a full line of White Mineral Oils (USP/NF) as well as Petrolatums (USP). Furthermore, Penreco specializes in Niche Product Blending to meet customer specific requirements.

Calumet Penreco Products

Campo is a very unique company specialized in ethnobotany, botanical collection, harvesting and extraction of natural products. Campo Research facilities are strategically located in Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, India, China and the United States, to service the cosmetics and personal care industry with natural and unique green active ingredients. Its line consists of exotic and functional natural ingredients, botanically-based broad spectrum preservatives, pure bioactive color extracts and fruit enzyme complexes.

Desert King is a pioneer in Quillaja Plantations, and has become not only the largest manufacturer of Yucca and Quillaja, but the only company basic in both products with manufacturing facilities in Baja California, Mexico  and in Chile. Desert King has over 50% of the Yucca and 70% of the Quillaja market leading to secured supply, sustainable harvesting model, and product uniqueness.

Lessonia is a leading manufacturer of natural exfoliating ingredients, marine actives, decorative particles and micronized plant powders. The Exfoliator palette offers a wide range of colors, scents and textures. The sources are all natural materials from tropical, Asian, Mediterranean, Marine & Mineral themes. Lessonia’s micronizing technology offers natural plant pigments for use as coloring agents in color cosmetic formulations, and other product applications where a natural hue is desired.

Headquartered in New Jersey (USA), Lonza Consumer Care is a leading supplier of traditional and non-traditional preservation and protection systems for the Personal Care manufacturer. Lonza’s next-generation preservation and natural protection systems are based on natural, nature-identical or eco-fiendly materials, showing efficacy in a variety of formulation types while providing excellent safety packages. The product line contains offerings ideal for formulations that require ECOCERT or COSMOS ingredients.

Lonza Products

Stephenson PC produces natural alternatives to synthetic PC surfactants consisting of specialty, sustainable emulsifiers and soap bases.