The strategic expansion to sell the Effect Pigment for Cosmetics & Personal Care and the Beauty Creations product lines came as a result of the successful business growth achieved over several years of trusted partnering between the organizations, as well as the innovation, technical and marketing synergies that exist between them.

DeWolf’s and GMZ Care’s differentiated expertise has allowed for increased leverage to present customers with BASF technologies that meet market trends in the fashion-driven color cosmetics arena, as well as the anti-aging market, which has now crossed borders from skin care to hair care and color cosmetics applications.

“Today’s beauty care market is more dynamic than ever, which is reflected in the current coexistence of two key market trends that seem opposite at first glance.  They are the ultimate result of the rapid evolution of consumers’ needs: On one hand, multifunctional hair, skin and color cosmetic products such as BB and CC Creams, and on the other hand, specialized products that cater to the needs of consumers that go through multi-step hair and skin care regimens,” said Julia Hernandez, Vice President of Marketing – KODA Care.

The economic opportunity that these market trends bring is significant, and BASF’s portfolio represents an important strength for customers in DeWolf’s and GMZ Care’s territories to accomplish targeted growth in the Beauty Care market.

About KODA Care:

KODA Care (DeWolf, Glenn, GMZ Care and Tempo Canada) is the leading network of technical service and market-oriented distributors of specialty chemicals to the Personal Care, Color Cosmetics and HI&I markets in North America, specializing in delivering technologically advanced formulating solutions that are competitively aligned with today’s market trends and tomorrow’s industry forecast.


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Hank DeWolf
President – KODA Care

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Julia Hernandez
Vice President of Marketing – KODA Care