December 3, 2014 — Warwick, RI — DeWolf Chemical has been involved in The Public Access to Sunscreens (PASS) Coalition from the early days of campaigning to provide Americans with new, safe and effective sun care ingredients to reduce the risk of skin cancer. This collaborative effort with health and consumer organizations, sun care ingredient suppliers, brand owners, dermatologists, concerned citizens, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the White House and the Congress, has resulted in the recent signing of The Sunscreen Innovation Act by President Obama.

This is a significant accomplishment that will help to streamline the approval process for new sunscreen ingredients by the FDA, ensuring that new sunscreen products receive a transparent review within a predictable timeframe.

The PASS Coalition website explains that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in the U.S. Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer — including melanoma — than the combined incidence of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer.  On average, one person dies every hour from melanoma, the deadliest of the skin cancers because of its ability to move quickly and spread to distant organs in the body, and melanoma rates are rising dramatically across demographics. Over the past 40 years, melanoma rates have increased 800 percent among young women and 400 percent among young men.

The rising concern about this situation, and the fact that the last over-the-counter (OTC) sunscreen ingredient to be approved by FDA was in the 1990s, are the basis for the implementation of the new law, under which the FDA must render a decision on the eight pending sunscreen applications according to statutory timelines created by the legislation. Some decisions are expected as quickly as six months from enactment.


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