On March 19th 2013, Glenn Corporation and DeWolf Chemical, Inc. became the exclusive distributors of Innovacos in the United States (excluding California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon Washington and Texas).

“Our partnering with DeWolf and Glenn will give Innovacos the opportunity to take full advantage of their knowledge of the market and their tremendous sales force to achieve a stronger market presence”, says Tony Ansaldi, Director US Operations – Innovacos.

Innovacos philosophy is centered on innovating concepts and functional ingredients derived from natural elements through a science-based approach keeping in mind the complexity of skin biology. Based on this principle, the company has developed a competitive line of actives from nature’s most unique biomasses including Algae extracts, Pomegranate fruit, Echium oil and Blackcurrant seed oil. Innovacos also offers a line of emollients and emulsifiers as well as stem cell technology from Vigna radiata sprouts to repair from UV-induced damage and to maintain maximum cellular viability upon UV exposure.

“Our business model is built upon the commercialization of ingredients that meet the needs of today’s consumers in the fastest growing market segments. Skin Care is by far the leading segment within the US Personal Care market, forecasting a total value growth of 10.4% over the next three years”, says Steve Pettigrew, VP Sales – DeWolf.

“Innovacos portfolio of actives is founded on scientific know-how and supported by in-vitro studies. This is of strategic importance for our technical selling approach”, says Bret Schweid, Technical Development Manager – DeWolf.

For more information contact:
Steve Pettigrew – VP Sales, DeWolf Chemical

Jerry Williams – VP Sales  Glenn Corporation