DeWolf AwardAccepting the new and highly coveted Innovation Award from Bradford Soap, was Tim Dooling, President of Personal Care and H&IC, Azelis Americas and Kathy Rainone, Account Manager, DeWolf.  Bradford Soap introduced the Innovation Award this year and evaluated numerous suppliers to determine which one delivers the most value through innovation….and DeWolf was the winner. 

Bradford’s slogan “Innovation Through Experience” emphasizes the high value they place on new product development. Tim Dooling states, “This award recognizes that DeWolf is responding to what the customer values. It reinforces the Azelis Americas’ entire strategy that revolves around technical, developmental sales in the specialty markets.  Receiving this award also demonstrates both for Kathy and DeWolf that we are aligned to this strategy. Great job done by Kathy Rainone and the entire DeWolf team.”

Bradford has been in existence for over 140 years, and incredibly has been involved with sustainability and  innovation programs way before it became popular to do so.  Bradford employs over 700 people worldwide, with more than 250 people in Rhode Island alone. Today they still are one of the largest employers in the state of Rhode Island. Bradford’s  products range from specialty bar soaps to lotions, and a whole host of other products.