Product Description

Glycerin, Petrolatum, and urea are classical ingredients that provide very intense moisture, and each plays a specific role: rapid hydration or barrier repair for a long term effect. Thus humectants, such as glycerin, or other glycols, replenish moisture in the Stratum corneum, and immediately soften the skin. Hydrated polymers play a dual role as anti-dehydration shield as well as a water cushion at the skin surface. Advanced Moisture Complex Plant, synthetic, biotechnology active is a targeted suite of active ingredients that all play a specific role, thus providing both immediate and long-term hydration.

Glycerin, sodium PCA, trehalose, sodium hyaluronate and Polyquaternium-51, comprise a “super complex” that softens skin immediately after application, and generates optimal moisture all day long. Furthermore the synergy of these ingredients keep water in the Stratum corneum, while Trehalose, reinforces the lamellant structure of epidermal lipids.

Sodium hyaluronate and Polyquaternium-51 work to reinforces the skin barrier properties. Maintains a very high water level inside the skin thanks to its high water retention capability.