Product Description


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Blanova DS series for odor control act like a molecular sieve trapping odors. They are effective for small and large odor compounds. Their unique three dimensional crystalline structure and porous, high surface area drives optimum performance. The high quality active microporous powder is ideal for both water-based and anhydrous systems.

Formulate with Blanova DS odor control ingredients to achieve: Reduction of volatiles from odorous bases, absorbtion of unpleasant bodily fluids odors, adsorption of odors from oils and removal of malodors from active ingredients.

The ideal ingredients for the formulation of dry shampoos and texturizing hair sprays!


Blanova DS 911

  • Effective for a broad range of adsorption applications
  • Best for applications with a complex mix of odors, or when the odors have not been individually identified


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Blanova DS 910

  • Eliminates ammonia and amine odors
  • Effective adsorption of larger odor molecules, such as aromatics

Blanova DS 912

  • Most hydrophobic powder
  • Effective for adsorbing straight chain and low molecular weight organics:
    Aliphatics, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, amines, esters, olefins, mercaptans, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organic acids, and aromatics