Product Description

Dimethicone is an important ingredient in hand creams, skin protectants, suntan lotions and hair grooming aids because it forms a non-greasy, protective film which resists water, yet it allows the skin to breathe. It allows ease of formulation due to little change in physical properties over a wide temperature range. The fluids are thermally stable at 150 °C for extended time intervals.

  • Low surface tension
  • Low toxicity

BRB Dimethicones are available in many viscosities, signified by the digit after the DM in the Trade name.

  • BRB DM 5
  • BRB DM 10
  • BRB DM 20
  • BRB DM 50
  • BRB DM 100
  • BRB DM 200
  • BRB DM 350
  • BRB DM 500
  • BRB DM 1000
  • BRB DM 12500
  • BRB DM 60000

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