Product Description

BRB Sempure 1997 is a non-ionic 55% active aqueous emulsion of a high molecular weight silicone oil. The active ingredients impart superior lasting shine and gloss on rubber, latex and PVC surface with good compatibility with other finishing ingredients. May also reduce swelling on fiber and rubber. Has a neutral pH which prevents corrosion of machinery and a resistance to scorching, yellowing, water spotting and chlorine damage. Furthermore, BRB Sempure 1997 possesses chemical inertness and has outstanding resistance to heat: no thermal degradation and no carbonaceous residues. Small particle size (<1 micron) giving good stability and outstanding dilution properties. A nonylphenol free surfactant system which is environmentally friendly. Highly efficient release agent for easy stripping with outstanding lubricating power and slip characteristics.


  • Superior gloss and brightness
  • Extra long durability
  • Excellent color enhancement
  • Good water repellent properties
  • Good detergent resistance