Product Description

BRB TMS-50I is a 50% dispersion of the high molecular weight silicone resin trimethylsiloxysilicate in Isododecane. Due to the high volatility of isosodecane, the solvent quickly evaporates during application leaving behind a water insoluble highly durable film of trimethylsiloxysilicate that leaves a unique smooth,non-greasy and non-tacky feel.  Additionally it has a fast dry time due to the volatile carrier. Due to its film forming and water resistance properties BRB TMS-50I is ideal for Sun Care. Wash-off and rub-off resistant, long lasting effect which makes it ideal for color cosmetics for a non transfer make up formula for eyes, lips and face care. In hair care, BRB TMS-50I, is great for both styling and treatment products due to its fixative and frizz control properties. This product is incompatible with Mineral oil, beeswax and Glycerin, however.