Product Description

Inoterra™ DWE is an 85% active  surfactant that has the performance of conventional & nonylphenol ethoxylates without the environmental issues. This surfactant system delivers the functional benefits and formulation flexibility needed by formulators in a biodegradable environmentally preferable form. Inoterra™ DWE is an effective NP-9 Replacement that provides detergency, wetting and emulsification. Can be used in low-foam applications, and is excellent on heavily soiled surfaces and provides superior degreasing and reduced cleaning times due to its quick spreading.

  • DfE approved
  • No gelling in water
  • Stable foam solutions
  • Easy to disperse & dissolve
  • Excellent spreading & penetration
  • Efficient at low use concentrations
  • Good solubility/compatibility in alkaline formulations