Product Description

Puricare™ LS 9727 is 2 in 1 anti-stress, anti-pollution active for hair. Puricare LS 9727 is a  peptide obtained from the extraction of Moringa Oleifera seeds. It provides hair protection against environmental stresses, shows anti-pollution demonstrated efficacy, and has an anti-greasy effect for oily hair. Puricare LS 9727 is ideally used in anti-pollution shampoos, shampoos for dry hair, conditioners, leave-on gels, and tonics. It is a yellow liquid, with a weak characteristic odor, that is soluble in water, and insoluble in oils and fats.

  • Protects against pollution and environmental stress
  • Increases smoothness and prevent damage


Protection Against Pollution: 

Visualization (SEM) + quantification of the surface occupied by coal particles on hair.

Puricare protects hair against pollution by particle deposition and adhesion



Prevention of Damage:  

Scanning electron micrographs of Puricare™ repairing activity on damaged hair