Product Description

Rewoquat® WE 45 is a quaternary ammonium compound used in consumer and commercial laundry applications for rinse cycle fabric softeners. It is 86% active.

Laundry treated with Rewoquat® WE 45 exhibits a pleasant and soft hand, good re wet, and a noticeably reduced static charge. Fabrics treated show a significantly reduced drying time compared to untreated fabrics.

Softening – Formulations containing Rewoquat® WE 45 impart good softness to fabrics and textiles without adversely affecting the fabric’s ability to absorb water.

Dispersibility – Rewoquat WE 45 is designed to be handled with minimal heating. Dispersions up to 20% can be readily prepared at ambient conditions.

Antistatic – Rewoquat WE 45 imparts good anti static properties to cotton and synthetic fabrics.

Cold water processable fabric softener. Good rewetting and softness properties. Sustainability profile. Readily Biodegradable. TEA Ester Quat.