Product Description

Sanicapyl™ is a natural solution for a healthy scalp. This active ingredient helps to rebalance the scalp to overcome dandruff conditions, while beautifying the hair. Sanicapyl is shown to exert a moisturizing as well as an anti-inflammatory activity (in vitro tests). Clinical studies highlighted its capability in helping to reduce itching sensations and to regulate the production of sebum, which may contribute to an overall scalp soothing effect. In addition, it has proven anti-dandruff properties: in clinical tests, a shampoo containing one percent of Sanicapyl™ was shown to reduce dandruff just as effectively as a shampoo containing one percent of a benchmark active ingredient. Further tests confirmed that Sanicapyl™ had significant anti-microbial properties on Malassezia furfur and Malassezia globosa. Compared to the benchmark active ingredient, the new natural complex from LS was also shown to offer additional hair beauty properties, by enhancing hair radiance and boosting hair softness. Sanicapyl™ is suitable for all hair types and can be incorporated into shampoo, lotion and conditioner formulations.

  • Reduces inflammation and cellular damage
  • Clinical efficacy on dandruff reduction comparable to market benchmark
  • Prevents scalp oiliness


Inflammation Control: 

Significant reduction of LDH release (marker of cell necrosis) and PGE2 release (marker of inflammation).

Dose dependant effect.



Dandruff Reduction: 

Visible reduction of dandruff











Sebum Reduction: 

Decrease of sebum secretion after thetreatment with SANICAPYLTM.