Product Description

Tego® Polish Additiv Q 70 is a concentrated, ready to dilute blend containing a long-chain silicone quat. It provides superior beading, sheeting gloss and shine with easy handling due to low viscosity. Substantive to surfaces, provides anti-redeposition and anti static properties to the formula. Car drying/rinse aid formulations possible without petroleum distillate. Tego Polish Additiv Q 70 is soluble in water, an can be post-added to car rinse micro emulsions. Provides color refreshment and high gloss. Ideal for shine and protection of surfaces, especially exterior surfaces.

Shine and protection. Effective blend containing along-chain silicone quat. Can be post-added to car rinse formulations. Provides color refreshment and high gloss. Ideal for exteriors. 80 carbon chain silicone backbone with positive charged ends. Higher shine than 6922. Soluble in water, alcohol and solvents.