Tegotop 105 (Concentrated Dispersion Of Nano Particles)

Tegotop® 105

Concentrated Dispersion Of Nano Particles
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Tegotop® 105


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Montana, Texas, Wyoming, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington


Tegotop® 105 is a concentrated dispersion of super-hydrophobic nano-agglomerates designed to equip a multitude of surfaces with the Lotus-Effect®. Treated surfaces result in a nanostructured layer where the adhesion of dust and dirt is reduced to a minimum. In addition, water is repelled from the surface and become dirt repellent and self cleaning when subjected to rain or rinsing with plain water. The coating is semi-permanent and will last for weeks under regular weather conditions. However, it is easy to remove with a wipe of a cloth or with water containing surfactants. Tegotop 105 provides for an easy spray-on application.

The self-cleaning, lotus effect star. Creates a hydrophobic surface providing excellent protection. TegoTop 210 is also available to offer a virtually invisible coating. Nano particle surface modification.