Product Description

A chelating agent that delivers a non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative to phosphates and other strong chelates. Methylglycinediacetic acid (MGDA) is the active ingredient and exceeds alternative products, like citrates, at removing lime scale and tough stains. Efficiently dissolve inorganic deposits and scales that produce undesirable effects like striking and spotting in dish wash and hard surface applications or limit the performance of surfactants and other additives in cleaners and detergents.

Trilon M chelating agent improves cleaning performance in hard surface, automatic dishwasher and laundry operations. I&l customers can use lower concentrations, due to its low molecular weight, of this strong complexing agent in their cleaning formulations, making it more cost effective. This product is effective in both alkaline and acidic cleaners, and also demonstrates effective cleaning ability in a variety of applications, including general purpose cleaners, floor care products, warewashing detergents, disinfectants and sanitizers, laundry detergents, automatic dishwashers, vehicle wash aids, and hand cleansers.

Trilon M is extremely efficient in combating hard water and allowing for the best cleaning performance to shine through. In formulas with anionic surfactants, it is especially important to have an effective chelating agent like Trilon M, particularly in hard water conditions. Other chelating agents just don’t perform as well, and without the addition of one at all, there is hardly any cleaning shown.