2020-08-07T15:27:01-05:007th August 2020|

Good Night, Nourishing Sleeping Care

Wonderfully rich, a smooth cream to provide nourishing treatment! Apply right before bed to relax and take the best of your night. On waking up, the facial features appear fresh and well-rested, the skin looks hydrated. Featuring Beauté by Roquette® DS 421, an all in one emulsifier, texturizer & easy to use solution and Beauté [...]

2020-08-18T15:16:16-05:0018th August 2020|

Hand To Hand Repairing Hand Cream

This Hand To Hand Repairing Hand Cream is enriched with sweet almond oil. It is not sticky and spreads easily onto the skin to offer immediate comfort, softness and suppleness. This formulation features Beauté by Roquette DS 421 which is an all in one emulsifier, texturizer and easy to use solution. Phase Trade Name INCI [...]

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