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2019-05-22T12:21:57-04:0022nd May 2019|

Light Cream Beauté by Roquette®

This lightweight O/W gel cream emulsion penetrates quickly without any greasy after-feel. En-riched with natural derived polyol Beauté By Roquette® PO 500, it helps the skin to maintain optimal hydration while our unique 100% plant-based thickener, Beauté By Roquette® ST 118, provides an amazing velvet soft finish.   Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % A1 [...]

2019-05-22T12:13:37-04:0022nd May 2019|

Mattifying Make-up Base Beauté by Roquette®

This primer provides a long-lasting velvet finish whilst caring for your skin. Based on our unique 100% plant-based thickener Beauté By Roquette® ST 118, it's lightweight O/W gel-cream texture provides an amazing cushion effect, a fresh feeling, and good hydration. Enriched with Beauté By Roquette® ST 012 as natural sensory powder, this formula mattifies the [...]

2019-11-14T11:05:31-04:0022nd May 2019|

Whipped Cream Beauté by Roquette®

Thanks to the use of our unique non-sticky moisturizer Beauté by Roquette® PO 500, this O/W whipped emulsion helps the epidermis to recover and lock in intense moisture for hours after application. Moreover, the combination of Beauté By Roquette® ST 118 & Beauté By Roquette® DS 112 allows getting a nongreasy texture, a unique “cushion” [...]

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