2020-09-09T08:49:54-05:002nd June 2015|

Advanced Moisture Complex (AMC)

Glycerin, Petrolatum, and urea are classical ingredients that provide very intense moisture, and each plays a specific role: rapid hydration or barrier repair for a long term effect. Thus humectants, such as glycerin, or other glycols, replenish moisture in the Stratum corneum, and immediately soften the skin. Hydrated polymers play a dual role as anti-dehydration [...]

2018-09-11T11:02:28-05:0021st November 2016|

Probiotic Moisture Lock Broad Spectrum SPF 15

This calming formula is infused with probiotics to help strengthen the skin's barrier. Replidium™, a powerful probiotic extract, restabilizes the skin's microbiome ecosystem and increases natural ceramides to keep skin properly hydrated. Restore balance to bring back youth and vitality - say hello to radiant, clear complexion and goodbye to dry, irritated problem skin. Sequence Trade [...]

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