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APG 325 N

Decyl / Undecyl Glucoside
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APG 325 N


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BASF H&IC Available Nationwide


APG® 325 N is a nonionic alkyl polyglycoside surfactant that provides superior performance by combining the formulation ease of a typical nonionic with the foam characteristics of anionics. APG® 325 N provides excellent detergency and stability benefits in a variety of cleaning products. It exhibits superior wetting, dispersing, and interfacial tension reduction properties for increased soil removal, especially on hard surfaces. APG 325 N alkyl polyglycoside surfactant is made from glucose derived from corn and fatty alcohol, it is mild and readily biodegradable.

  • Exceptional cleaning performance
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Hydrotope
  • Caustic stability
  • Builder compatibility
  • Domestic production
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      Decyl / Undecyl Glucoside
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