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Natrulon H-10

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Natrulon H-10


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Lonza, a worldwide leader in life sciences, introduces Natrulon H-10 Humectant, a new, naturally- derived multifunctional humectant/moisturizer which can be used to provide a wide range of ben- efits to personal care/cosmetic formulations.

Produced by the condensation of vegetable derived glycerol, Natrulon H-10 Humectant is an aque- ous solution of polyglycerols having an average molecular weight equivalent to that of decaglyc- erol (approximately 750 Mw). This increased molecular weight, over that of the parent glycerol (Mw of 92) and the subsequent branching that results during the condensation process imparts a number of unique and highly beneficial properties to Natrulon® H-10. These properties improve skin functionality and enhance formulation aesthetics.



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