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Sulfonated Tetrabenzo-tetraazaporphine derivative
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TINOLUX® BMC is a photo catalytic system designed to produce high cleaning and bleaching performance. TINOLUX® BMC has excellent photo-bleaching is achieved at low washing temperatures and concentrations. Superior tinting effects are obtained without causing over hue after successive wash cycles.


  • Effective stain removal with activation by light
  • Adheres to fabrics during the washing cycle
  • Active at low temperature washing
  • Compatible with detergent ingredients
  • Requires no further energy than sunlight


  • Highly reactive photocatalytic system:
  • Highly efficient – Cost Effective Ingredient
  • Toxicologically and ecologically safe


  • Optimum shading/hueing effects
  • Consumer association of blue with whiteness /clean
  • Consumer preference for bluish whites
  • Improving the shade of white thus counteracts the yellow tinge
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      Sulfonated Tetrabenzo-tetraazaporphine derivative
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