2019-03-04T15:20:11-05:0023rd July 2015|

AM600 PF

AM600 PF is a nanodispersion from ultra high shear processing that improves both texture and ease of formulation. Incorporate high levels of hydrophobic ingredients directly into your water phase and add without heat or mixing, making it great for cold processing.AM600 PF provides a unique texture while also simplifying the formulation process. Delivering a rich [...]

2019-10-02T22:54:54-05:0022nd September 2016|

comforting CARE

Comforting Care is a rich and indulgent moisture balm with firm, bouncy consistency luxuriously melts into skin upon application. It provides a quick dose of hydration, with conditioning and soft skin after feel. Tinovis® GTC delivers bouncy texture and quick break on skin. Cetiol® Ultimate, Cetiol® RLF and Cetiol® CC together provide a conditioned, soft skin [...]

2018-08-15T11:09:46-05:0013th August 2018|

FEELtastic Marshmallow Cream

FEELtastic Marshmallow Cream is a lightweight nourishing cream with a unique product texture similar to food, specifically marshmallow. You can roll into marshmallow-like balls that is like the comfort and satisfaction obtained after consuming such an airy dessert. Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % A Water, demin. Q.S to 100 Silica 1.50 Glycerin 2.00 AM600 PF Water (and) Dimethicone(and) [...]

2018-02-02T13:37:29-05:0022nd September 2016|

feeltastic PROTECTION

This powerful, indulgent moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 15 draws and seals in long-lasting hydration. The playful, cushion consistency of feeltastic PROTECTION provides a creamy, luxurious application with conditioned after feel. Skin feels conditioned, pampered and soft. AM600 PF provides richness to formula and luxurious application. Cosmedia® SP and Eumulgin® SG are key to delivering the [...]

2018-08-13T12:36:00-05:0013th August 2018|

Good Morning Cream Protector

Once you wake up, start your day right with a light, facial SPF emulsion to help protect skin from harmful UV rays, thanks to the broad spectrum UV filter, Z-Cote® LSA. Infused with AMC™, this formula will also lock-in moisture to keep away dryness caused by daily wear and tear. AM 600 PF™ leaves a silky after feel [...]

2018-02-02T14:03:52-05:0023rd August 2017|

Moisture-Full Bouncy “Porefecting” Gel

This lightweight, cream-gel moisturizer, instantly absorbs into skin for a perfect matte finish. Botanical active Collalift™ 18 helps improve skin appearance and minimize large pores for a photo-ready natural effect. Formulated with Tinovis® GTC UP: a multifunctional polymer suitable for emulsifier-free systems containing silicones, it also contributes to the interesting texture and self-leveling effect for [...]

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