Cegesoft SBE (Butyrospermum PARKII (Shea) Butter)

Cegesoft SBE

Butyrospermum PARKII (Shea) Butter
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Cegesoft SBE


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Shea butter is a semi solid wax obtained from the nuts of the fruits of the wild growing Karite tree Butyrospermum Parkii of Central/West Africa. Excellent odor and color quality. Cegesoft SBE supports UV protection and soothing properties due to a high content of unsaponifiable matter with active ingredient character.  Shea butter is well known for:

  • Soft and pleasant long term skin feel
  • Caring & moisturizing effect with a weak gloss
  • High content of triglycerides, rich in oleic and linoleic acids
  • Food grade quality
  • Good crystallization behavior
  • Improvement of hair gloss
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      Butyrospermum PARKII (Shea) Butter
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